September 7, 2009

1st Meeting A Success!

Thanks so much for coming to the Homeschooler's LEGO Club! It was wonderful to meet everyone and I can't wait to watch all those little fingers create some cool creations! I have pictures from the meeting that I'd like to post but if you'd rather your child's photo not be online, let me know!!

For the club kiddos:
I'd like you to write out (or have Mom help) a short description of yourself to share with the group. We'll post it on our site with your picture! Foster & Emerson have already done this so check their's out for some inspiration. It would be best if you could email it to me but you could also bring me a written copy to the next meeting.

I am always willing to let you show off your LEGO creations! We'll have a show & tell time at the beginning of our meetings if you'd like to bring in a picture of your latest LEGO creation. If you can't bring a picture but really want to bring the creation - you do this at your own risk! I will let you show it off and then it will have to wait in the kitchen area until it's time to go home. We don't want any lost pieces!! Here's some themes to try to stick to:

October: something inspired by the Nathan Sawaya exhibit. If you didn't get to go see it in person, that's OK! Check out his site:

November: re-create your Halloween costume in LEGO! If your family doesn't celebrate Halloween - that's OK! Create a LEGO Scarecrow!


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