June 29, 2009

Fw: Nathan Sawaya

Hooray! Let's plan on going Sunday, Sept 27th at 2pm so we can meet Nathan and listen to him tell us about his AMAZING creations!
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Hi Joanna,
So happy that you are interested in viewing the Sawaya show. There are no fees or admissions.  All are welcome. The show's opening reception will be Thursday, Sept 17 6-8pm. We usually have 200 people at our receptions. The hours of the gallery are on our website www.flinngallery.com. Nathan will be having a Walk/Talk on Sunday Sept 27 at 2pm that your kids will certainly love!
Hope to meet you there.
Vivian Chen
Co-Curator for the Flinn Gallery

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Let's Meet Emerson

Hi, I'm Emerson! I hope the Lego Club is good. I'm 4 and my brother is Foz. I hope the Lego Club is full of Lego's. I'm happy that we're all gonna be together. I hope it's gonna be awesome. I hope I get to hang out with my brother. I like to play with Lego's. I hope we have fun together. I'm glad we're gonna be in a club together. BYE!

Let's Meet Foster

Hi, I'm Foster! I will be 9 in September. Please call me Foz. I think the Lego Club will be a BLAST! I usually think of Lego's as a hobby. Sometimes when I'm frustrated I like to sit down in my room and try to create something out of Lego's. I like to spend time everyday building with Lego's. I'm excited to meet you all at the Lego Club! BYE!

Club Field Trip!

My husband just happened upon an upcoming Lego show. Click HERE to check it out!

I'll get in touch with the museum and figure out if there are any fees to go and we'll schedule a time to go. I'm sure we'll meet up and carpool to save on gas.

It looks amazing!

June 26, 2009

Let's Get To Know Each Other

Hey Kiddos! While we wait for this club to get going, let's introduce everyone. Click HERE and email me a picture of yourself - preferably building something with Lego's! Write me a little note about yourself and maybe include some of your favorite things about Lego's and what kinds of things you would like to make with them. I will then post it on the blog for everyone to see!

June 25, 2009


I picked up 4 bags (the large reusable size from Aldi's) full of Legos, Bionicles, Mega Bloks & Kinex last night! The boys thought it was Christmas this morning :) I quickly explained that anything Lego is going for the club and the other stuff is up for discussion.

Let me know if you find more!

June 24, 2009

While You Wait...

Make sure you go to www.lego.com and sign up your kiddos! You can get them on the mailing list for a cool Lego magazine and if you want to go all out - pay a small fee and get special magazines and kits! There are A LOT of fun online games to play and my kids have been enjoying them for years. They have games for all ages!

New Blog!

I created this blog today as a way for you to keep up with what's going on with the club without having to inundate you with emails.

Good news today! I posted on Freecycle to try to get some free Legos and it worked! I am going to pick up a large box full tonight! We still need more so keep your eyes & ears open!

I also ordered several Lego books with various building plans and activity ideas. If you are at your local library this summer, please take a quick look to see if they offer anything similar. Bring it to the 1st meeting and share!