November 5, 2009

These are from our mini-field trip to Boston, MA to participate in a Lego Masterbuilder's Challenge! Foster, Emerson, Liam & Jack had a super time making a lot of bricks! Jack enjoyed checking out some sample figures on display. We helped build a giant Star Wars R2-D2 model by making large bricks from little bricks to be used by the builder. We all enjoyed shopping for new Lego toys at the Lego Store! Hope you can come along next time!

Let's Meet Joanna!

Hi! This is Joanna kick starting one of our meetings! I have not always had an appreciation for Lego's but since I've had 3 sons, I certainly do now! I started this club as a way to help my boys make some homeschooling friends with similar interests and I certainly achieved that goal! I'm so happy that the kids are having fun and I look forward to see what this club evolves into!

Let's Meet Jack!

This is one of our many Jacks at HS Lego Club! He really enjoyed making his Mars Mission rover!

Will's Show & Tell

This is Will and his mom Liz (she's the one doing the ski club!). Will made this AWESOME ship and brought it to show everyone! GREAT JOB, Will!

Let's Meet Michael!

Hi, my name is Michael and I like Legos because you can be creative and build what you think is cool. I also like to sing, dance and play. My favorite song from the Sound of Music is My Favorite Things. I can't wait to join the Lego Club.