October 6, 2010

Let's Meet Norah!

Hi! I'm Norah and I'm new to the Lego club. I'm six years old.
This picture shows a Lego house I built from a kit.

October 1, 2010

Lego's are fun outside, too!

Jack S. knows that the best way to take a break from soccer is to create some Lego spaceships!

Family Lego Games Handout

Family Building

October Building Challenge: Skull & Bat


October Building Challenge: Fall Tree & Apple

Fall Leaves and Apples

October Pirate Build Projects

James is getting some help from his mom to build this month's project. 
He did an AWESOME job!

 Michael's completed pirate, soldier, raft & cave.
Great job!

Carl completed his projects and then used his pieces to create an original design.
Great imagination!

October Show & Tell




Thank you for bringing in your creations to share! 
If you'd like me to add a description of your project, please email me what you'd like to say and I"ll add it in!

1st Meeting A Success!

It was an awesome club meeting today! Thank you so much for coming out in the rain to have some building fun with us. We were missing some club members who didn't return this year and having fun meeting all the new club members! We kicked off the meeting with show & tell and moved right into this year's kit - Lego Pirates! Aarrrggh, Matey's! I'm looking forward to a lot of fun projects!

The little kid's play space was wet from all the rain this month so we shared our space with them. They are practicing building with Duplo blocks and getting ready to join the Lego club when they are old enough!